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Lindsay Musser Pacheco

Twenty years in the CUTCO business have shaped Lindsay's skills in sales, management, marketing, and branding. She is an Elite member of CUTCO's Hall of Fame and was the top Career Sales Professional in her region for 2010. She is currently the #1 Closing gift Consultants in PA and ranked in the top 15 in North America.


David Kirchner

10 Years in the Cutco business, David has been a top tier performer earning four career promotions in his first 6 years with the company. As a manager he has taught thousands of representatives how to market & brand themselves. Currently ranked the #2 Closing gift Consultant in PA.

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V Simpson Turner III

8 Years in the Cutco business V is one of the most decorated sales representatives in the region. V has broken several regional records with the company and has finished as the number one representative in the country while attending college.