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How it Works


The Process

Our strategic gifting program is designed to remove the stress of finding any gifts, starting from a clients first settlement through to referral gifts and all future transactions. When an agent or loan officer first start our program they sit down with Lindsay to determine how many gifts and what programs make sense for them depending on their production, experience, and specific needs. An average agent will start with a years supply of gifts, we then take that number of gifts and break it into 1 or 2 shipments (1st month and 6th month) and then bill the gifts over 5 to 12 months so that it’s really soft on the agents cash flow. Once an order is placed they’ll receive an email with the proof to confirm the custom engraving along with videos and scripts to set up and maximize the impact and effectiveness of the gift. Our scripts are designed by top real estate agents who are generating the most referral business from our programs.

“I look forward to building you a set through future transactions and referrals” Our gifts are not designed for just one transaction, they can be a one time gift but as your client continues to do business with you they will receive the next piece in their Cutco set until their set is fully built out. That’s great for them because they get the highest line of kitchen cutlery available that is guaranteed forever, free sharpening, free replacements, and they get it from they’re favorite agent you so they rave about how great you are. For you, no more stressing over what flavor, color, size, shape, no more trying to remember weather or not the client drinks or likes chocolate, you simply tell us if it’s their 1st 2nd or 5th transaction and we add the next piece in their set to your next order.


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